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Downloads of MP3s of song selections are available by selecting the underlined song titles. These are also in .zip format for faster downloading by selecting (Zip) after the titles. If you need a Zip program, a free evaluation version of Winzip is available here. Immediate playing of the song clip with the Real Player can be started by selecting the RP after the song title. If you don't have Real Player, go to their site to download the free player (the Basic version is free as well as the demos of their Plus version). Here's a link to that site:

For a full hearing of the stirring anthem "United We Stand", download the free screensaver.
"Remember" (CD only): 1. Kristy Anne, 2. Fields of Gold, 3. Commit Random Acts of Kindness, 4. Magical Girl, 5. Robbie, Why'd You Leave Us?, 6. Remember, 7. Minstrel Boy/Will Ye No' Come Back Again?, 8. Wee Kirk on the Moors, 9. United We Stand, 10. All Through the Night, 11. Ballad of Paddy Brown/Amazing Grace
"Standing Stones" (CD only): 1. Standing Stones (Zip), (RP), 2. Those Factory Girls. 3. Ballad of the Keiths & the Gunns, 4. Dumbarton's Drums (Zip),(RP), 5. Rogue From Tir na ng, 6. Today, 7. Circle of Love (Zip),(RP), 8. Hogmanay (Zip),(RP), 9. In My Life, 10. All That's Missing is You (Zip), (RP), 11. The Last Rose of Summer
The Rare Old Times - A Blend of Scottish & Irish Favorites (CD & Cassette): 1. Long Winter Nights, 2. The Rare 'Oul Times (Zip),(RP), 3. Rising of the Moon, 4. Danny Boy (Zip),(RP), 5. Flying Home to Aherlow, 6. When You Were Sweet Sixteen (Zip),(RP), 7. Caledonia, 8. Cutty Sark, 9. Will Ye Go Laddie Go?, 10. Lord of the Dance, 11. Squirrel Hill, 12. Steal Away (Zip),(RP)
Lochs & Legends - Traditional & Original Scottish Songs (Cassette Only): 1. Skye Boat Song, 2. Mull of Kintyre, 3. Massacre of Glencoe, 4. A Bag of Letters, 5. Bideawee, 6. Ballad of the Keiths & the Gunns, 7. Loch Tay Boat Song, 8. The Dark Island, 9. Ye Banks & Braes/Loch Lomond, 10. Auld Lang Syne
Nessie & Me - Original Scottish Songs for the Entire Family (Cassette Only) - All lyrics by Alexander Marshall: 1. Nessie & Me, 2. Here's to the Children, 3. The Wee Furry Haggis, 4. Come to the Highland Games, 5. Land of the Heather, 6. I'm Going Home, 7. Ballad of Hgar, 8. Henry the Haggis, 9. Fly Bird
The Remember Project Book and Poster - The Remember Project - My Lyrics and the Stories Behind Them by Alexander "Sandy" Marshall is a companion book to the Remember CD which tells the story of how the tragic events of 9/11 inspired the making of the CD in a very personal way.

The poster has the CD cover pictured.
The Standing Stones T-Shirt and Poster - T-Shirt in X-Large only is made of 100% heavyweight cotton. The back says Fianna Warrior. They were the bravest and fiercest in battle as well as storytellers, singers and poets. The text on the poster and T-Shirt reads: "Be at one with each other, be at one with the earth. Home, family, tribe, the spirit lives on!"

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